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About Us

We Care For Your
Cat When You Are
Unable To

We are Cat People. We have owned and cared for cats for most of our lives. Whenever we needed to board our fur babies we were shocked at the available options. Most were metal cages, the size of large boxes, in the same rooms with sick or ill animals. We wanted to create a boarding environment, not only worry-free for the parents but also a spacious setting with plenty of comforts and engaging activities for the babies. Hence was born Griffin Rock.

Each cat, or cat family, has its own private room(s) with plenty of space to run and play, toys and ramps, a TV to watch, and an interactive camera/audio device. Parents can also request human play time for their babies. We’ve created an environment we’d be happy to use for our own fur babies.

Our Features

We Offer Only The
Best For Your Cat

Whether you are going on a vacation, need to travel for work, moving homes, or undergoing home repairs, you can feel secure knowing your fur babies are being loved and cared for in a safe and fun environment.

In addition to housing and caring for your cat(s), we offer add-on services such as grooming, personal human interaction, emergency medical care, and a pick-up/drop-off service.


Our private self-contained rooms, with filtered air, protect your babies from other animals and noises


Each room has its own TV with action videos to keep your babies entertained

Live Webcam

You will be able to see your cat whenever you are away with our private video feed with 2-way audio


All our rooms provide a spacious area with room to run and climb the walls


What Our Customers are Saying

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A place to work, relax and build community while you hang with cats.

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