Terms and Conditions

  1. Owner agrees to provide full payment for all services at the time of checkout. Owner agrees to pay the posted rate for boarding in effect on the date Cat is checked into the Cat Retreat. Cats picked up after 11:00 AM and during Sunday hours will be charged the full boarding rate for that day. Owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested such as bathing, administering medication, food, etc.
  2. The owner warrants that the animal(s) being boarded is/are in a fit and healthy condition.
  3. All Cats being boarded are required to have current vaccinations with the certificates being produced on arrival, otherwise, boarding will be refused. All vaccinations must be valid at least 14 days prior to boarding and cover the whole of the boarding term.
  4. Whilst every care will be given to Cats, Griffin Rock Cat Retreat will not be held responsible for any illness, injury, loss, or damage to the animal(s), however, caused during their stay. Boarding is entirely at the owner’s risk.
  5. Griffin Rock Cat Retreat shall exercise reasonable care for Cat during boarding utilizing diligence to prevent any harm or injuries to occur to Cat. The Cat Retreat, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian, though all attempts will be made to contact the Owner of the Cat first. However, in the event of an extreme emergency where the Owner of the Cat cannot be contacted, emergency vet care may be sought. Owner authorizes the veterinarian to treat Cat in whatever manner deemed necessary. Owner will be responsible for all veterinary charges upon release of the Cat. Owner also gives full authority to the treating veterinarian and their associates to discuss with Cat Retreat any aspect of any illness or injury that the Cat Retreat has presented for treatment. The Owner further agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behavior of said Cat while it is in the care of the Cat Retreat.
  6. Any bedding, and toys supplied by the owner that are damaged/destroyed by the animals are left at the owner’s risk and any Veterinary treatment required following such event will be at the owner’s expense.
  7. Special dietary requirements will be administered as supplied and requested by the Owner.
  8. All reasonable efforts will be made to administer oral medication or to apply external treatments as directed of which there is no charge to the owner. However, if required, Veterinary assistance may be requested at the Owner’s cost without prior consultation.
  9. Advanced bookings require a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 to secure the booking.
  10. Boarding fees are charged to include the day of arrival & departure. Boarding fees are payable at the end of the term on collection. No Cats will be released until full and final payment has been received. Long extensions to boarding must be paid for at the time the term is requested.
  11. Griffin Rock Cat Retreat reserves the right to retain any animal, charging for the extended stay until such time as the outstanding account is settled, or to dispose of the animal with a suitable rescue center, if any account becomes overdue or if the animal is not collected within 7 days of the due payment and/or collection date. Any costs involved will be the responsibility of the owner.
  12. In the event of any delay in collection, notification must be given at the earliest opportunity and Griffin Rock Cat Retreat reserves the right to refuse the extension.
  13. Griffin Rock Cat Retreat reserves the right to add, change, or vary these Terms & Conditions at any time. However, the latest prevailing Terms & Conditions are always on view in reception for inspection during the registration process.

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